Top Hung Window

People who prefer to have a full and open sky view which welcomes abundant sunlight and fresh air can choose top hung windows for their homes. Usually operated with a handle at the bottom, top hung windows is the best choice for places in connection with a high knee wall. Ideal for buildings and windows located at heights. Top hung windows look elegant and are quite useful for homes and commercial buildings.

NSG presents a range of top hung windows to suit different needs. Available in wide varieties of sizes and designs, top hung windows are tough protectors of rain and wind. As a source of ventilation into a room, these windows give you a choice to control the amount of ventilation or wind to come into your room.

With top hung windows, you need not worry about water entering your room. Also, these windows are the best way to save energy. With an increasing awareness of installing energy efficient windows and doors at home, top hung windows have been improvised in a way to suit customers’ demands of sustainability and design.
It has come into sight that people, in these days, widely prefer using top hung windows so that their building gets an attractive look. There are several reputed organizations that always get them involved in delivering their best assistance for installing top hang windows, but before installing all such windows, people must be sure that these windows are made of high quality materials.

Bay Window

Bay windows have been a popular addition to homes since Victorian times when they first appeared in houses. They serve two purposes: allow more light into a room and they can make a room appear larger than it really is. Many bay windows also come with seating. Like all home renovations get together a few quotes to compare prices and then choose the one that best fits what you are after.

Whether you are replacing an existing bay window or renovating your home and adding bay windows the total cos will depend on the size of the window and the type of frame chosen. Wooden framed windows are a more expensive option than the cheaper uPVC framed windows. You should also consider the additional cost of having double glazing in the windows as this will lower your fuel bills by a significant amount.

A uPVC framed bay window will be the cheapest option available. They are low maintenance and won’t warp and come in a range of colours and wood grain effects. Many people prefer a wooden frame window but if the cost is holding you back from carrying out bay window replacement the uPVC frame is a good economic option.

we know that finding high-quality, affordable windows for your bow or bay window can be difficult. That’s why we’re proud to be able to offer you our range of uPVC bow windows and uPVC bay windows at a price you’ll love.We’re committed to great quality windows and doors, which is why we design, manufacture and sell them ourselves. We test all of our products to make sure that they are up to the industry standard. All our double glazed bow windows and double glazed bay windows are fully tested and certified for an energy rating, so you know that you’re getting quality.

Tilt And Turn Window

Tilt and Turn windows are perfect in design and functionality. The tilt position provides draft-free ventilation and worry free rain protection. In the turn position, tilt and turn windows act like casement windows, swinging their full glass area open. These windows are skillfully engineered with wind loading, security, water penetration, thermal resistance and ease of maintenance in mind.

Tilt & Turn windows which are manufactured with German Roto Hardware. These windows can both swing in and tilt in with a simple turn of our ergonomical handle. Tilt & Turn windows can be very large, with each sash up to five feet wide.

All our Tilt & Turn windows have a multi-point locking mechanism providing safety and superb air sealing. You can choose between our economical classic line with double glazing or our performance Thermo Plus Clad line with advanced passive house frames and triple glazing. Read more about our options on the Performance page.
In the Tilt position, the window opens at the top with hinges at the bottom. In the Turn position, the window is hinged on the side and opens by swinging inward. The Tilt Turn and Hopper windows combine state-of-the-art window design with a clean, classic style. Advanced engineering and the highest quality construction make these windows incredibly durable, versatile, and easy to use.

French Window

Our UPVC French doors (french windows) offer a charming, alluring addition to your home or conservatory. The extensive opening allows unrestricted access to your home as well as maximum ventilation and a practical entry into your garden or patio.Our interior and exterior French doors are available in a variety colours, white, rosewood or light oak and come with a choice of designs to suit your requirements, full glass or decorative Georgian Bar, Square Lead or Diamond Lead.

All of our energy efficient exterior French Doors are the manufactured using the highest quality Virgin Grade UPVC which does not contain any reground plastics, meaning the Virgin Grade UPVC in our made to measure French Doors will never discolour turning yellow or pink.

Our double French doors both open, whether you want them to open inwards or outwards with a left or right hand master door the choice is yours, they also come fitted with a set of handles to both doors unlike some DIY French door sets and with a choice of chrome, gold, black or white door furniture at no extra cost.

Offering a high level of security for you home too, they are internally beaded and supplied with a multipoint locking system as standard which means that the UPVC French doors lock, in not one position, but several points. We supply trade french doors, diy french doors, french doors to the home owner, construction sector, renovation companies and many more industries throughout the INDIA.